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Organic Pesticides

A pesticide refers to a single substance or a combination thereof, which is used to prevent, control or destroy pests. The pests that are thus being controlled, repelled or destroyed make up a vast and varied list that includes insects to plants and microbes. The agent used for this purpose can be a purely chemical, a mix of chemicals and organic matter or purely organic. Given the heightened awareness on pollution, health factors and sustainable farming processes, organic pesticides are a preferred method of fighting pests. What’s […]

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Organic Insecticide

Organic insecticides are made from by avoiding harmful chemicals. You can get hold of organic pesticides from the local stores. When purchasing organic insecticide, you need to check for the label which gives you a sign of approval. Apart from that you can also make organic pesticides from your own home. This is cost effective and healthy too for the environment. There are so many ways in which you can make organic intestacies with the help of day to day products which are available at home. Organic […]

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